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Our Decadent (Gluten Free) Holiday Gift Guide

Nov 16th 2018

The Holiday season is just around the corner and soon you will be thinking about everyone on your gift list. There are few gift ideas as memorable as the delicious, decadent desserts from Ethel’s Baking Company. We truly believe that the way to someone’s heart this time of year is through their taste buds!  No matter whom you are shopping for, our incredible, gluten free desserts will delight everyone.

Historically, gluten free food has lacked the texture and taste of their traditional counterparts, but the incredible news is that Ethel’s Baking Company desserts are so rich and delicious that our customers tell us that they honestly can’t tell the difference. In fact, many of our loyal fans aren’t even gluten free. The secret to our success is that our desserts and treats are “real food”, made with the finest ingredients money can buy. Whether the people on your shopping list choose to be gluten free or not, we guarantee that you will be the most popular gift giver of the year! Here are some great gift ideas for the special people in your life. 


Teacher or School Gift Ideas


Leave the apples at home and give your favorite teacher or staff member a gift that will warm their hearts. Our legendary blond brownies, or Blondies are irresistible. We use the sweetest butter and everything good about a chocolate chip cookie and join them together in a flavor packed brownie. If that is not good enough, we knock it out of the park with a touch of caramel as well. These products are peanut allergy safe for school environments.

Cinnamon Lover's

Cinnamon Rolls…..we know you can smell them right now! Our cinnamon dandies are everything you want them to be. Created from our signature, butter shortbread crust, handmade cinnamon filling, generous crumbles of streusel and an unbelievably sweet glaze topping, our bars will send your gift recipient into cinnamon bliss! 

Gifts for Couples

Nothing says romance like some sweet treats to share. Here are some great ideas to kindle a romantic Holiday mood!


Pecan Dandies

Unless you don’t want to be the favorite gift giver, our Pecan Dandies are just that – Dandy! This one is the special treat that got our company off the ground and was inspired by Grandma Ethel herself. If your friends and loved ones like pecan pie, this is the dessert for them. We start with a buttery, shortbread cookie, then add caramel, the best brown cane sugar, real vanilla, clover and honey. If that is not awesome enough, we add the biggest pecans we can find to the caramel and spread it all over. All of our treats come from the heart, but the Pecan Dandy will always hold a special place in ours.

Gluten Free Brownies

Real, old-fashioned brownies start with the finest chocolate and the sweetest butter. We stir our brownie batter by hand. Many people have told us that our brownies are the best they’ve ever had, gluten free or not! Ethel’s brownies remind people of rich, thick fudge. Sold yet? If you are want to score big as a gift giver, our brownies will do the trick every time! 

Gifts for Coworkers

Nothing says “I appreciate you” like some goodies from Ethel’s Baking Co.

Raspberry Oatmeal Bars

Honestly, we had you at the name right? Close your eyes and picture your gift recipients biting into the sweetest, softest, juiciest raspberry oatmeal bar on the planet. We start with a super moist, gluten free oatmeal crust, tart but sweet raspberries, topped with a streusel-like crumb top layer. Have them try these with a favorite coffee or tea. It will knock their socks off!

Turtle Dandies

How does rich chocolate, layers of big toasted pecans and caramel over sweet butter shortbread sound? Did we mention that our butter comes local farmers in Michigan? Just to be sure we get it right, we hand spread premium chocolate over each turtle bar we make. Picture the look on their faces as they take that first bite. 

Gifts for Wine Lovers

Chocolate Lover's Gift

Nothing goes better with wine than the finest chocolate. Many of our customers over the years have paired our incredible selection of chocolate treats with certain wines for an unforgettable journey of the palate. Any of our amazing chocolate desserts can be teamed up with fruity, intense wines, rich red blends or even sweet ports. The bold flavors of both chocolate and wine will make your gift recipients’ palates come alive!   

Gifts for the Boss

Score big with the boss and other management with these irresistible dessert treats!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

You’re standing in front of a warm oven and the smell of soft, hot chocolate chip cookies fills the room, lifting you off your feet. Bring back those memories for your boss with our old fashioned, chocolate chip cookies. Made from the finest chocolate, sweet butter, cane sugar and real vanilla, that promotion will be in the bag after you show up with these goodies.

Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles

They got to have sprinkles right? Your boss will have a line out the door when these delectable treats arrive. Your co-workers’ eyes will light up when they bite into our sugar cookies, made from real butter. The finest ingredients give our cookies that soft, cake-like texture. For that extra pizzazz, we pour a rainbow of colored sprinkles on top. Need your gift to be a big hit with the boss? Our sugar cookies with sprinkles will never let you down.

Whomever you are buying for this Holiday season, Ethel’s Baking Company has the perfect gluten free dessert or treat that will let people know how much you really care. Ready to be the most popular gift giver of the season? Order from Ethel’s today! 

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