• What is the shelf life of Ethel's products?
    • Our 3ct tubs can be enjoyed for up to two week at room temperature and our Individually Wrapped bars can be enjoyed for up to three weeks at room temperature. If you'd like to enjoy any of our offerings for longer, put them in the freezer for up to 6 months and thaw at room temp for 2-3 hours for perfectly fresh flavor. Back to top.
  • Does Ethel's accept returns or exchanges?
    • As we only sell food items, we do not accept any returns or exchanges for food safety reasons. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order, please contact Customer Service at info@ethelsbaking.com to let us know! Back to top.
  • Can I modify or cancel my order after it has been placed?
    • Before you place your order, you can view the contents and the total amount in your shopping cart. Once your order has been submitted successfully, the order will be in a "Placed" status. Your order is then "Processed," entering the shipping process almost immediately. The only time that you can cancel or modify your order is during "Placed" status. If you need to modify or cancel an order, please contact Customer Service at info@ethelsbaking.com as soon as possible. Back to top.
  • Does Ethel’s have a gift packaging option?
    • Yes! If you would like your order with gift packaging, please select the gift packaging option at checkout. It will also prompt you for a note, if needed. If you are ordering multiple gifts, please place them all as separate orders, each with gift packaging selected. Back to top.
  • Does Ethel's offer international shipping?
    • Currently, Ethel’s ships to the contiguous 48 U.S. states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and to the following international locations: Canada. Back to top.
  •  Does Ethel's offer corporate gifts?
    • If you are interested in a corporate gift option, please email info@ethelsbaking.com or call our Sales and Marketing Department at (586) 552-5110 ext. 701. Back to top.