Our Ingredients

Pecan Dandy with IngredientsSimple is better. Real food isn't complicated; it's premium ingredients, a good recipe and time. We are committed to sourcing only the best ingredients in order to give you the superior taste you've come to expect from Ethel's. Our simple promise is to invest the time it takes to bake goodness the old-fashioned way.

At Ethel's we try to make difference every day, and one way we do this is by sourcing as close to home as possible.  Our sweet cream butter and cage-free eggs originate within 200 miles of our bakehouse. That means they are fresh and enhance our hand crafted right-out-the-oven taste.

When you think of old-fashioned ingredients, you think of the ingredients you recognize and know like pure vanilla, brown cane sugar and whole oats. For us this means clean label, Non GMO and gluten-free ingredients from the most reliable and respected suppliers. We believe our dedicated facility and gluten certification show our commitment to provide you with safe and delicious food.

One taste and you'll realize we're not like anybody else.